Climate: Possible | A bold campaign to advance climate resilience

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Around the world, people are facing a climate emergency, and the people least responsible for it are the ones most harmed by its impacts. Extreme weather, climate-related disasters, and dire environmental conditions such as severe drought, flooding, and unexpected changes in rainfall patterns are devastating communities, weakening critical infrastructure, threatening lives and livelihoods, and forcing millions of people to leave their homes in search of safety and better opportunities. 

As the climate crisis intensifies, urgent relief to help communities recover after each emergency isn’t enough. We need to partner with communities around the world as they work to build resilience for the long term.

Mercy Corps launched the $250 million Climate: Possible campaign because we not only know what climate resilience looks like — we understand what it takes to get there.

Our vision
  • $250m

    campaign launched to support communities around the globe
  • 12.5m

    people reached with climate-smart solutions
  • 20m

    people reached by high-impact climate startups
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We’ve spent four decades working together with people in local communities to meet complex challenges with comprehensive solutions. From proactive and rapid emergency response to restorative agricultural practices and renewable energy sources, our programming helps people cope with the immediate impacts of climate-related events, adapt to changing conditions, and make a brighter future possible.

Your gift to Climate: Possible can have a transformative impact on millions of people by helping us test and refine new ideas, scale to reach more communities and build resilience for generations to come.

Mercy Corps’ AgriFin program in Kenya utilizes a digital partner network that farmers like Lucia can access via mobile phones to help improve their livelihoods and resilience to climate change.
In Nepal, Mercy Corps is supporting smallholder farmers like Sharda to be more resilient to climate change and natural disasters while advancing gender equity and economic development.
In Ethiopia, Mercy Corps is unlocking access to affordable, renewable energy sources, like solar panels pictured here, that power communities and reduce emissions while creating jobs and spurring new businesses.
In the Caribbean, Mercy Corps has created local Resilience Hubs supplied with solar energy, water, and more to help deliver assistance immediately to people affected by tropical storms and hurricanes.
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mercy Corps is helping farmers like Lulenga establish climate-smart agricultural systems that produce nutritious food while improving the health of local ecosystems.
In Guatemala, with Remitly, we’re sharing weather forecasts and encouraging friends, family, and donors to send cash assistance to local communities so people can buy necessities before a hurricane hits.


Join us in taking bold climate action

When you give to Climate: Possible, you help communities around the world move farther and faster toward lasting climate resilience. 

Funding solutions to help communities around the world cope, adapt, and thrive in the face of the climate crisis will require unprecedented commitment, creativity, and collaboration. Private giving creates the flexibility we need to take bigger, bolder action, going beyond the limitations of government intervention and investment to try new ideas, replicate innovative solutions, and reach millions more people.

With your support, Mercy Corps can:

  • Test and scale new ideas and expand proven solutions in as many communities as possible.
  • Act early and immediately to minimize a disaster’s impact and address emergencies that don’t get the world’s attention.
  • Invest in and help grow innovative, high-potential businesses developing climate-smart solutions.

Now is the time to take bold action to help communities adapt in the face of the worsening climate crisis. Mercy Corps is calling on the power of the philanthropic and private sectors to invest meaningfully and comprehensively in advancing climate resilience for communities across the globe.

Tjada D’Oyen McKenna, Chief Executive Officer, Mercy Corps

Let’s build climate resilience that will last for generations

In 2023, Mercy Corps reached 5.9 million people through our climate-related work. Yet, we know millions more people are in urgent need of support. Join us to help make a climate-resilient future possible for communities around the world. 

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