Mercy Corps Urges UN Security Council to Secure 12-Month Extension to Syria Cross-Border Resolution

July 07, 2023

Humanitarian aid lifeline for millions of Syrians is set to expire on Monday, July 10

On Monday, July 10, the UN cross-border resolution enabling lifesaving food, medicine, and supplies to reach millions of Syrians in need will expire. Today more than 15.3 million Syrians are dependent on humanitarian aid to survive. This includes 4.1 million people living in the Northwest who are largely reliant on cross-border humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs. 

Nicole Hark, Mercy Corps Country Director for Syria, says:

“Given that Northwest Syria is still recovering from a catastrophic earthquake, only a 12-month authorization of the Syria cross-border resolution, including through all border crossing points (Bab al-Hawa, Bab al-Salaam and al-Rai), will suffice. A year-long renewal would help mitigate challenges aid agencies have faced as they try to provide stability and continuity within the constraints of six month authorizations. Syrians facing escalating needs cannot afford to open this question again in December as displaced and earthquake-affected people are on winter’s doorstep” 

“Syria is facing the worst economic crisis since the start of the conflict over 12 years ago. The needs are unprecedented with 68% of the population requiring some form of food and agriculture assistance to survive. Nearly 11 million people across Syria have been affected by February’s earthquake and many still face a long road to recovery. Agricultural experts have also reported a sharp decline in agricultural production in some areas over the past year due to a shortage of water for irrigation and rainfall, as well as high input prices, particularly for fertilizers.

“The multitude of crises facing Northwest Syria demands that the UN Security Council take decisive action and establish sustainable mechanisms to address the growing needs of those in Northwest Syria.”

Mercy Corps has been working in Syria since 2008, delivering emergency assistance and addressing longer-term needs both before and during the current crisis. In the Northwest, we have provided essential support including water, food, shelter, sanitation services, and livelihoods assistance to Syrians displaced multiple times throughout the course of the conflict.